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It makes a huge difference to us. Thank you in advance. I love answering calls because it humbles me that low vision or blind people go through a lot of extra work just to get through daily life. And to be able to make it easier for them means the world to me. Everyone is so grateful and wonderful to work with. I even helped out a man with narrowed vision who voluntarily goes out and helps homeless people and needed help reading a SUPER small print sheet that had all the resources for people in need.

He just needed to find the one for housing to help people get back on their feet. Not only are they giving back and volunteering, but I felt a part of it at the same time because I was able to help him find the resources he needed so he could give out to those he helps who are homeless. Someone with a disability giving back in the way they receive help themselves is the definition of giving forward.

And I just think this is Suh an amazing app, with amazing people all over the world.

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Now if I could also meet them, that would just mean the world to me to meet these incredible people. They inspire me.

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I have been a member about 6 months. I was the first to answer a call for the first time about a month ago. That gentleman was new to the app and just wanted to try it out and ask some questions.

Through My Eyes - The Game Feat. Mars

Today I received a call where a woman had three pairs of tights, and needed to know which were blue, brown, and black. It was easy to help her and she seemed very grateful. As someone with RP but who still has very functional vision, it is so rewarding to be able to offer assistance. I have seen negative reviews from others that were frustrated they rarely got calls, and were never the first to answer.

It was five months before I was actually able to help someone, so just stick with it. I think it is also helpful to remember this isn't about you, it's about the person that needs assistance. Basically you have nothing to lose by being a member, and eventually will be able to assist someone. Eventually, I decided to go through with it. After carefully weighing my options, I went through with the procedure.

To my surprise, my surgeon was caring and understanding. After waking up after surgery, I was shocked to see the size of the area where the skin had once been. For the first time in my life, I could see my thighs. I had a line of stitches that ran from near my left buttock, around my front to near my right buttock.

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A drip hung from each end of the stitches. The surgeon had moved my navel high up so that it looked out of place.

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  7. My lower abdomen was numb except for some spots of soreness where the nerve endings were less damaged. I wore a brace around my abdomen to keep the skin to the muscle. This was security for me as, without it, I felt vulnerable.

    Through My Eyes: Natural Disaster Zones

    The skin had always covered my groin; now, I felt exposed. As my body still had a significant amount of fat above the wound site, a seroma a fluid-filled pocket developed. This necessitated many trips to a clinic to have excess fluid drawn from beneath the skin of my lower abdomen. I was quickly exhausted, and more than once vomited from the stress placed on my body.

    Not only did this have a massive effect on my body, but in the weeks and months after leaving the hospital, my feelings swung like a pendulum. This roll of skin had been with me since childhood, but now I was free of it, and all that was associated with it. It represented to me all that I had gone through as a child. When I walked, I no longer felt the heavy sack of flesh on my thighs. My clothes size dropped significantly. There were moments when I grieved the loss of this piece of flesh. I remember one night weeping and questioning if I had done the right thing.

    I was afraid of life without this part of my anatomy. Who was I? This fat had been my excuse for so much in life. If I "failed" now, I could no longer blame my weight. The removal of these fat cells triggered further weight loss. As the cells had formed before puberty, they affected my metabolism. It had taken me years to lose the pounds kg. To my mind, this was the easy way out.

    One year later, I had the next roll-up of fat removed. It was necessary for my body to heal before more surgery. Although this was a lesser affair, it brought enormous changes to my self-perception. This roll ran beneath my breasts and around each side to my back, ending upward beneath my shoulder blades. Following this surgery, the mother of my close friend bought my first "skinny" shirt in my favorite color, and to my surprise, it fit. I was concerned at first that it would show my rolls of fat, but they were no longer there.

    Having this area removed changed my appearance radically and how others saw me. When the surgeon made her final visit to the ward, she said, "You have a new life now.

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    The rolls of fat were gone, and I no longer stood out. For the first time in my life, no one stared at me or mocked me. I was invisible. My life changed dramatically. Another key moment was when I took a test which revealed intolerances to over 60 foods. During the first 3 days of eliminating these items, I lost fluid.

    Then my abdomen pains subsided. My head was clear, my joints stopped hurting, and the fatigue lifted. Months after the final surgery, the enormity of it all began to sink in. At first, it was near impossible to comprehend what had happened. I wanted to scratch in places that were no longer there, imagined sweat under the rolls, and felt phantom pain. Nothing could have prepared me for the psychological effect of this surgery.

    My mind was the last part of me to assimilate to the changes. I had lived with obesity since childhood. It was my identity; always the fattest kid and adult in a group. Paranoid about my weight causing furniture or floors to fail, I still checked before sitting or walking on anything. Unable to see my back clearly, I assumed it was huge.

    Through My Eyes

    Relationships with some people changed; my opinion was of greater value. My self-confidence increased without the judgment. Despite this, I was disappointed. It was clear that I was big-boned, stocky, knock-kneed, and hunched from obesity. Mum's diabetes had left me with a large chest cavity. I would never be a runway model or fit into smaller sized clothes. But working through these issues helped me to accept the immense physical and psychological changes.

    I was free, healthy, fit, and a good weight for me. In the small town where I live, the locals were excited for me. They had seen me walk every day as I fought with my weight.