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And the night before was 6 deg C below the average. We DID have 43 deg C last week and now are have an antarctic snap. But all up this summer in Melbourne is cooler than the last few years. We just got 30mm rain over the last 2 days!

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Newt Love my real name newtlove. Yet, when we have colder than usual days in summer, and now snow nobody appears to be concerned. The media of course focus on reporting the hotter days but not the colder days. One that discards readings at airports and other urbanized areas and keep those in more natural environments.

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It would be interesting to compare the two charts. Longing for what?

Fortunately not a German came up with it. They would LOVE to be rulers forever once they purged their own party from competitors. The best we can do is sack each one of them as early as possible. They become evil pretty fast otherwise. A fascinating example is Hugo Chavez. It can also be low during an Ice Age.

It depends on which scenario they wish to scare us with. Global Warming researchers. Sounds mischevious to me.

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Global Warming causes Global Cooling is the rage of street jokes, and for good reason. It was degrees Fahrenheit 53C. What is wrong with this headline? I am not quite sure what K. Bray is saying either. CO2, by itself, if doubled, cannot heat the earth by more than about one degree Celsius.


For runaway global warming to occur, the extra heating from the CO2 must lead to more evaporation of water leading to in increase of the specific humidity. It is the increased water vapor that leads to global warming. But not an increase anywhere but rather an increase above hPa.

It is here, at the cloud tops, where water vapor condenses to form clouds. When water evaporates it takes latent heat. When water condenses, it releases latent heat. If the air above hPa is dry then there is nothing stopping the released latent heat from radiating into space. Mike Ramsey. Well, here in the San Francisco Bay Area we seem slated to get five inches about mm over the next few days. Steve Goddard : Oh, no, that is politically incorrect. Global Cooling causes killer Heat Waves.

Researchers have found that we actually live in a Negative Universe, we just thought it was positive. The snows in Victoria trump a normal heat wave in Adelaide. Snow in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Houston, and Baghdad trump the more normal warming events brought out by the warmists. These are part of our weather and should be expected. Then poor Edmunton turns into an ice cube. The magnitude of the cold record is troubling.

How cold are we going to get in the next 30 years? Makes very interesting reading. If Harabin does not retract, I think Piers is on to a winner. Naturally the Powers that Be would not want that, so expect a retraction. Get over to climaterealists. That is enlightening. I am not nationalistic, I am not even opposed to the elimination of national boundaries, but I am opposed to the destruction of democracies and to the misuse of science as a propaganda instrument by those who would change our government without our consent.

I even voted for Al Gore for President in and was puzzled by his quiet withdrawal after winning the majority vote. As in science, puzzles may be the key to the unknown. Climategate and revised editorial policies at Nature and Science that prevent the publication of anything but mainstream consensus opinions seem to be consistent with the idea that an unholy alliance of Politicians, Scientists, and Publishers is the tip of an invisible world government that had planned: a. That scenario is not a scientific fact, but it fits many puzzling observations. With kind regards, Oliver K.

The cool weather around the world just proves Kevin Rudd and Obama are right. It has just been revealed that GHG emissions have fallen in Australia during in the 4 eastern states and by a massive 4. See what we can do if we reduce CO2 emissions! We have measured small co2 increases in the atmosphere, but yet a global temperature decline is actually being detected. These current amounts of co2 are insignificant. The temperature is going the wrong way for the co2 argument. Do you care?

I climbed Mount Kosciuszko back in February , the day after snow fell on the peak. The snow may have gotten down to feet or so. At that time, buses would take tourists to the top of the peak, but on that day there were no buses running.

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So I had the trail all to myself, except for a brief time I spent at the top and a couple from Singapore arrived. In any case, it does snow in summer on Mount Kosciuszko. Steve K: I am not the almighty and I cannot change the chemical and physical properties of carbon di-oxide as you imply. I clarify that the level of increase of co2 is insignificant and not adequate in quantity to allow those large temperature increases as are claimed.

Erosion is sufficient to have removed such features long ago. I hope this adds some perspective to the fascinating science of geology and your observations in particular. Hah, snow on Mt Koz? Douglas Hoyt, Thanks for the confirmation that it does snow on Mt Koz during summer. And real winter weather during the height of summer can be experienced at the Savage River iron ore mine in Tasmania. SMS : How cold are we going to get in the next 30 years? Your best bet to get that question answered is to pay attention to the work of Piers Corbyn.

Finally, the historical record is not exactly clear on how cold, but is very distinct in reporting unseasonable weather as the bane crop yields. Deep Cold spells are but one facet of what cooling portends. A much better question is how widespread will the pressure on crops become, as well as disruptions on commerce in general. This is classic stuff! Just look at the fantatstic and I use the word its literal sense reasoning:.

So, lets work through that. Millions of years ago, there was an ice age, and there was loads, I mean loads, of CO2. That means one of two things, take your pick, people: 1. CO2 is the main driver of climate, and can cause ice ages or 2. CO2 has nothing to do with the temperature, otherwise that ice age would not have been.

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