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Hell, don't ask me Momma says she don't remember him An' I'm sure somewhere in my history I've got some slave blood in me An' some folks think that I look Mexican.

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I'm the rainbow man That's who I am I'm a little white an' black an' red and tanned I've got all these different colors in my skin I'm the rainbow man. Well, I know you may doubt it But if you stop an' think about it There's one common thing that we've all got People from all countries come here because they're hungry For what's cookin' in America's meltin' pot.

And I'm the rainbow man Livin' in a rainbow land I'm white an' black an' yellow an' brown an' red and tanned And I'm so proud of all the colors that I am I'm the rainbow man. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. He also married his first love, but when she left him, he sunk into despair, and sold the shop and moved to a mountain ranch, where he became a marijuana farmer.

The first time anyone can remember seeing him on TV was at NBA Finals in Portland, Oregon, when the cameras panned over to show a man in the aisles, dancing and wearing his rainbow-colored Afro wig. He sold his pot farm and all of his possessions, and moved into his car. And then he just began showing up everywhere.

He even ended up on a Budweiser TV commercial, and lived off the residual checks for awhile, but wider TV fame, especially the offer of his own show, proved elusive. By the time of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, broadcasters were actively trying to avoid showing him on camera.

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Then, after the Super Bowl, Stewart recalled later, in one interview, that he was depressed and watching a televangelist, Charles R. Taylor, on the TV in his hotel room, and it was soon thereafter he was born-again into a self-ordained minister with one mission in life, to use his Rainbow Man persona to convince sinners to accept Christ as their savior. He continued showing up at just about any televised sporting event he could find: at the Olympics where the Russians threw him in a Moscow jail for a short time , the World Cup, NFL playoff games, the Indy , the Masters, horse races and even the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

Rollen Stewart eventually met his future wife, Margaret Hockridge, in a church in Virginia, in , and she began accompanying him as they traveled around the country together over the next year. He and Hockridge married in St.

Louis, Missouri, in Sports television producers thought his antics detracted from the action on the field, and they directed cameramen not to point towards the Rainbow Man if they saw him, but he changed positions frequently and got on TV anyway. Eventually, Stewart became the target of increasing harassment by TV and stadium officials, and things started to go very badly for him after his wife left him, saying that the Rainbow Man had choked her at a World Series game because she held up a sign in the wrong location they divorced in and kept in touch for many years.

Then, his car was totaled by a drunk driver, and his money ran out, and he wound up homeless on the streets of L. Sometime in the early 90s, Stewart began to become increasingly paranoid and became convinced that Jesus was coming back soon, so the Rainbow Man decided to create a radically different media character for himself by acting like a terrorist, thinking that the media would begin paying attention to him again.

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In , at the Masters golf tournament, he blew an air horn just as Jack Nicklaus was lining up a putt, then he detonated a stinkbomb. On September 22, , believing the Rapture was only six days away and after having prepared himself by watching TV for 18 hours a day, the Rainbow Man totally flipped his wig.

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Posing as a contractor, he picked up two day laborers in downtown L. As planned, the police came and ended up surrounding the hotel, but Stewart figured this was his last big grasp at fame and placed bible verse placards all over the windows of the room which he knew would be visible to the camera crews that would be arriving below.

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Stewart demanded a live three-hour press conference, hoping to make his last national splash, but they refused to let him talk to the press. Then, after an eight-hour siege, a SWAT team threw in a concussion grenade, kicked down the door to room , and hauled the Rainbow Man away, finding he not only had a loaded. Stewart was also found guilty of the stinkbomb attacks after his imprisonment, which probably helped lead California Prison inmate HH from being granted parole in He was denied parole again in