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They bring out the beauty of the yarn and let the texture shine. Just a few rows of yarnover eyelets which you will easily learn soon enough every now and then and you can have a interesting, complex-looking fabric with very little effort. Of course it helps that the yarn is something like Buachaille Kate, I hope you know that you have a whole world of people who love you and wish you a speedy and happy recovery.

You are an inspiration to all of us. If someone really wants to learn to do any craft, it has never been easier with all the YouTube how-to videos and blogs such as this. They might like the idea of being able to knit, but to make a little effort and learn is a whole different matter.

I wondered why the blogs had slowed down! Fabulous techniques — no sewing! Welcome Jane! I am sorry to hear that you are unwell and wish you a speedy recovery. You have done much to uplift the knitting scene and we are all so appreciative-Get well soon-we miss you! This is very inspirational, thanks for sharing Jane!

I hope you enjoy your start as much as I have. It was a picture of her design Strathendrick that made me join the knitting world a few months back. I just felt I had to learn how to create something as beautiful as that! So many thanks for being an inspiration to me and many others! Asa when I was new I tried to learn one new thing with each project. Welcome to the world of knitting, Jane!

Hi Jane, waving to you from Sydney! Looking forward to seeing your first project. Maybe a hat? I hope Kate is on the mend. It was so great to get a notification from KDD this morning, I have missed them so much.

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So welcome to you Jane and to the wonderful world of knitting. Kate is very much in my thoughts, in fact, all of them are! Hi Jane, Lovely to hear from you and welcome to the world of knitting. If your other work is anything to go by, your knitting will be amazing!

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You are such a talented artist. Please pass on my best wishes to Kate. I have so missed her wise words. I only know her from her work and blog, but I hope she realizes that she is loved around the world. I am so sorry to learn than Kate is sick. Please give her my best wishes for good health—and enjoy your knitting! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting. I hope this is the start of a life long love of knitting for you, and look forward to sharing your journey.

Breezy Morning Cowl - FREE Knitting Pattern & Tutorial - Yay For Yarn

We stepped off the bus and there was the strong little tree you have photographed so often. I found a heart shaped pebble on the shore and tucked it in my pocket. Took a photo of myself in her Blaithin sweater beside the tree. Please give my best to Kate, we miss her so. Welcome to the gang, Jane!

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Loved your blog. Please give my best wishes to Kate, also let her know how much she has been missed. Love to all. I saved this post to enjoy reading it at the end of my day and really enjoyed reading and being reminded of starting to knit. I dare not count how many needles I have now.

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The photos are excellent too and show your swatch so clearly. Caring thoughts to Kate and thank you for blogging today. I think we can all relate to your learning experience, at least I know I can! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to following along with you on your journey.

I am so sorry to hear that Kate is not well. Sending her best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Really lovely post Jane. Hope Kate is getting all the rest she needs and looking forward to seeing her posts when she is fully recovered. Jane this all looks excellent. I think the clue comes early on when you talk about muscle memory- it really does get easier!

I wish I could knit – KDD & co

You are so familiar with lots of elements of working with textiles that once you get going you will be producing lovely things, all your own. Look forward to seeing what you produce. Please send all best wishes to Kate and Tom — she has been much in the minds of many many people. Thank you Linda. It really is exciting to learn a new way of creating, just need to get working on that muscle memory!

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting Jane. You will soon have your first Carbeth jumper or cardigan finished. I am so pleased to have an email from KDD in my inbox again. I think it has been a wee while since we heard from Kate herself so I do hope Kate feels better very soon. My best wishes to you all, especially Kate. Thank you Jane! I am now 60 years old and have picked up knitting again now that I am recently retired from teaching.

I had not knitted or crocheted since high school with my Grandmother. It as a slow tedious start but now I am knitting all the time and hardly want to put it down! I am a follower of Kate in North Carolina U.

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Kate, you will be in my prayers. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration for fiber folks all over the world. I knitted on straight needles for years, even though I now prefer circulars. Lovely yarn and the right tools for you makes such a difference. Hi Jane, it is great to have a fellow novice in the KDD community since I always imagine everyone else is an expert. Above all, I join the throng of others wishing you well Kate.

I have spent a LOT of time watching tutorials — I find them quite relaxing too! Welcome Jane to the wonderful world of knitting and collecting yarn from all over the world. It was nice to see someone learning to knit and accomplishing it on the very first project.

Hopefully, Kate will be on the mend soon and back to give you a helping hand. Great post! Well done Jane — before long it will feel like you have been knitting for ever. I found a fabulous circular needle with no memory in the cable between needles, and that did the trick! They are ChiaoGoo circular needles with a red cable , and quite inexpensive. The best circular needles ever. No tugging or unpleasant fiddling.

I wish you luck and pleasure on your journey, and I am sending healing rays to Kate, for a speedy recovery. Your sample looked pretty good Jane, it has taken me years to keep a constant tension. I am so sorry to hear that Kate is unwell and do so hope it is nothing serious. I found her book Handyman was such a fascinating read, I have loaned it out to several friends and recommended it to more.