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So far in , at least 17 bans have been signed in at least 10 states -- but every type of ban is facing a legal challenge, and none of the laws have been enacted. In addition, while the passage of so-called "heartbeat" bans have received much attention, none of those laws are currently in effect. Still, several states have been enacting so-called "trigger" laws, which would immediately make abortion illegal in that state should Roe be overturned. However, it is not near 30 states. Seven states, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive rights research organization, have "trigger" laws to make abortion illegal in the state should Roe be overturned.

In total, per the Guttmacher Institute , 19 states have laws on the books that could restrict abortion rights, should Roe be overturned, including laws that are currently blocked by courts. Gillibrand may have been referring to a report from the Center for Reproductive Rights , which stated, "In 30 states, women are at risk of losing their right to choose abortion after a reversal of Roe; 21 of these states warrant the highest level of concern.

Again, however, those laws do not overturn Roe, they just come into effect should Roe be overturned. On the other hand, meanwhile, there are also states working on "trigger" laws that would maintain the right to abortion in that state should Roe be overturned.

Transcript of Night 2 of the 12222 June Democratic Debates – June 27, 12222

That includes 10 states, per the Guttmacher Institute. In alone, Rhode Island, Illinois, Vermont and New York signed such laws , while other states passed other measures that increased abortion access. Harris: "They should not be deported. And I -- actually -- this was one of the very few issues with which I disagreed with the [Obama] administration with whom I always had a great relationship with and a great deal of respect Because policy was to allow deportation of people who by ICE's own definition were non-criminals.

So as attorney general and the chief law officer of the state of California, I issued a directive to the sheriffs of my state that they did not have to comply with detainers and instead should make decisions based on the best interest of public safety of their community. In announcing her support for reversing U. Harris did indeed make headlines in December when she told local law enforcement across the state that they could choose whether or not to comply with federal detainer requests for undocumented immigrants.

However, Harris also was criticized at the time by some immigrant rights groups for not going further and issuing a statewide rule on the issue. Harris was also reported at the time to have opposed a bill that would have "forbidden police departments to honor federal detainer requests except in cases in which defendants had been convicted of a serious or violent crime. Meanwhile, China is investing so they could soon be able to run circles around us in artificial intelligence. Economists believe that tariffs on imported goods are indeed taxes, that either business or consumers end up paying.

Most economists also say the costs associated with tariffs are eventually passed on to consumers. Businesses do this by raising the cost of the impacted good, which means consumers pay more in the end. Gillibrand: "One of the worst things about President Trump, what he has done to the country is torn apart the moral fabric of who we are. When we started separating children at the border from their parents, the fact that seven children have died in his custody, the fact that dozens of children have been separated from their parents and have no plan to reunite them, I would do a few things.

It is correct that seven children have died after having been recently in U.

Transcript of Night 2 of the 12222 June Democratic Debates – June 27, 12222

Most of them died after experiencing flu-like symptoms and being held at centers that immigration advocates have said were too crowded. One of those children, however, died from a congenital heart defect and her death was not tied to her care. Sanders said on Thursday night that the United States pays the "highest prices in the world for prescription drugs," which is generally true.

Additionally, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that in , "the United States spent nearly twice as much as 10 high-income countries on medical care and performed less well on many population health outcomes. Why is this? ABC News previously reported that drug companies say individuals in the United States generally get access to these drugs first and the money goes to research that often benefit American consumers.

Buttigieg : "The American people want a pathway to citizenship, they want protections for Dreamers. Mayor Pete Buttigieg: "For a party that associates itself with Christianity to say Buttigieg is correct that a majority of Americans want to find a way for the Those young immigrants are often referred to as "Dreamers. That we automated away four million manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and we are about to do the same to millions of retail jobs, call center jobs, fast food, truck driver jobs and on and on through the economy.

From to , the U.

3rd Democratic debate: Candidates clashed on health care, immigration and more

Of that 5. A Brookings Institution study said that Midwestern states would be hardest hit by automation, and a Brookings study found that industrial robots are highly populated around the Midwestern states, which could correlate with a loss of manufacturing jobs. An Oxford Economics report released this week claimed that 20 million manufacturing jobs would be displaced by machines by worldwide.

A McKinsey study found that 75 million to million people worldwide may need to change jobs and get new skills by However, while studies show jobs will be lost do automation, they also point towards job growth. A World Economic Forum report found that while 75 million jobs may be lost in the shift to automation, million more jobs may emerge.

The study also finds that under the first few years of the bill, benefits of the law are still aimed towards upper-middle and upper class Americans. All income groups under the tax plan immediately see some sort of tax cut, but the biggest cuts are reserved for the ultra-wealthy. More than half of American households, however, would eventually see a tax increase, according to the report by Sanders: "We have a new vision for America and at a time when we have three people in this country owning more wealth than the bottom half of America, while , people are sleeping out on the streets today, we think it is time for change, real change.

Sanders is likely citing a Forbes estimate of the three wealthiest individuals in the U. A study from the U. Department of Housing and Urban development reported , people were homeless during the year All rights reserved. Interested in Democratic Party?

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Democratic Party. Add Interest. MORE: Democratic candidates move to the left, become more progressive as climate change emerges as campaign issue. MORE: Sen.

Bernie Sanders, potential candidate, to introduce bills on prescription drug costs. MORE: Democrats highlight income inequality with ambitious tax proposals. MORE: Who's running for president in ? Fact-checking candidates on the issues: Democratic debate night 2.

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Trump lashes out at whistleblower and Democrats after hearing. GOP governor backs Trump impeachment probe. Man pleads guilty in kidnap, torture plot of plastic surgeon.

  1. 3rd Democratic debate: Candidates clashed on health care, immigration and more.
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Pelosi concerned about Trump's whistleblower 'spy' comments. Kremlin says it hopes US wouldn't release Trump-Putin calls. GM agrees to resume covering health insurance costs for striking workers.

2020 Democrat candidates: List of Democrats running for president in 2020

Woman, son charged in killing over lost dog: Police. Antonio Brown says he's not quite ready for retirement. The Note: On impeachment, Democrats face challenges of focus and scope. Pelosi says WH engaged in 'cover-up' of call at heart of whistleblower complaint.

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Read the whistleblower complaint about Trump's Ukraine phone call. Cory Booker talks water crisis, income inequality. Andrew Yang on 'The View': 'Zero truth' to former staffer's firing claims. Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips calls evidence from Trump's Ukraine call 'damning'. Jim Burho.