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Best Practices, Part I - Effective Use of the Chain of Command

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When every employee reports to one other employee, decisions and communication are tightly controlled and flow down the chain of command through the organization. This is an intentional, traditional structure for the chain of command in organizations that want to tightly control the dissemination of information and the allocation of power and control.

In the traditional chain of command, if you look at relationships pictorially presented on an organizational chart, the president or CEO is the top employee in the chain of command. This person's directly reporting staff would occupy the second line of the chart, and so forth down through the reporting relationships in an organization. At each level of the organization moving down the chain of command, the power to make meaningful decisions is diminished. This hierarchical method for organizing information flow, decision making, power, and authority, assumes that each level of the organization is subordinate to the level to which it reports.

Terminology like a "subordinate" to refer to reporting employees and "superior" to refer to employees others report to, such as managers , are part of traditional hierarchical language and thinking.

These terms are increasingly not being used as much, as a move to more egalitarian workplaces is the norm. Larger organizations are more prone to using this terminology. Command and control are intrinsic in the chain of command within organizations.

DoDEA's Chain of Command

The further up the chain of command your job is located, the more power, authority, and usually responsibility and accountability you have. Traditional hierarchical structures have pluses and minuses about how they work in organizations. The hierarchical order may still exist for ease of organization and reporting relationships, as laid out in a chain of command on an organizational chart.

But, the lines and the former rigidity are blurred. In the past, if an employee circumvented his or her boss in favor of talking with the boss's boss, the employee received clear communication that the chain of command was in place for a purpose. While organizations still retain some of its vestiges, the chain of command is much more difficult to enforce when information is so freely circulating and communication is so easy with any member of the organization.

The span of control of an individual manager has become broader, with more reporting employees than in the past. This change forces the manager to allow more autonomy. The above set are the most commonly used operators. However, there are several more that you probably should know.

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These set of operators are more of conditional in nature, or are used for grouping. They are very useful when writing long and complicated set of commands. They are therefore much more commonly found in shell scripts. We will look at mostly some practical examples that you can use from the command line.

Importance of Chain of Command and Its Use in Army | Bartleby

Also, remember that each of these operators can be used within the shell script just as you use it directly from the command line. The logical AND operator will execute the commands that follow only if the current command is successful. The rm command will execute if and only if the cd command is successful.

Use 'chain of command' in a Sentence

You can chain several different commands using the AND operator. The above two examples show how you can automate a compilation processes for your projects. This is probably the most used operator, especially in the command line.

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The command that follows will only be executed if the preceding command fails or the exit status is non-zero. The grep command first checks if there is a user named apache searches the passwd file. If it cannot find a user, then it will search if there is a group named apache in the group file. The above command searches different folders one after an other, till it finds the file by that name.

This is useful when you want to execute a bunch of commands in succession and does not care about the exit state of the commands. This works best when the commands does not depend on the previous commands.