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Youth Questions Answered

Everyone makes mistakes, but how do we actually move past them? What do I do if my friend is walking down the wrong path? Many times our friends head in the wrong direction? What do we do?

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How can we speak truth in love? Does Jesus give special treatment to spiritual people? Tim Mackie. Does Jesus only answer the prayers of people who are really spiritual? If He doesn't answer your prayers does it mean you "just didn't have enough faith? Tim Mackie from the Bible project and see how it helps us understand the way that Jesus responds to our prayers and what it looks like to truly trust Christ.

What did Jesus actually look like? Was Jesus white?

Five Fold Ministry Test

Did he have kind eyes? Does He look how he does in the children's Bible I read in the nursery at my non-denominational church? An important question. Can God be near sin?

The Art of Asking Questions

Special guest: Evan Wickham by way of sermon audio. In this episode we discuss a common misconception: the teaching that God can't even stand the presence of sin, as well as dialogue with a skeptic. The Big Bang Theory. If the Big Bang is to be believed, what does that mean for Christians and faith? Can you be a Christian and also believe the Big Bang is true? Conflicts with parents! How do we deal with conflicts with our parents?

In this episode my friend Chris Dufour helps me break down the best way to be a peacemaker in the home!

Pets, Dinosaurs, and Prodigals. If you have not yet had a chance to support this fundraiser, the boards can found in the vestibules of both churches. This is the third annual fundraising effort of this type to assist our Youth Ministry teens in meeting the costs associated with their attendance at Steubenville East and Catholic Heart Work Camp this summer.

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By taking an envelope from the board, you pledge to give that particular amount of money to these efforts. Our youth remain grateful for your faithful generosity and prayers.

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John the Evangelist th Anniversary Celebration St. Holy Days of Obligation St. Mary Music Ministry St. Mary First Eucharist Program St. Mary Confirmation Program St. Mary St.

Youth Worker – Interview Questions

Be A Youth Mentor! Brian Presentations Fr. John Altar Linens St. Vincent de Paul Sextons St. Mary Finance Council St. John I would like to St.

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